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PreviewInternal NumberShowStatusGenreTotal Progress

Massive Moments

fc_528"Family Guy"Coloring; Add SFXStraight77%

I Don't Care...

fc_526"The Simpsons"WaitingPinup; Loli50%

With Love From Bart

fc_506"The Simpsons"WaitingPinup; Shota50%

Into The Woods

fc_490"PB & J Otter"On holdStraight50%

"Knot" Worthy

fc_531"Family Guy"WaitingBestiality; Toddler50%

The Good Girl

fc_529"The Simpsons"WaitingLesbian; Loli50%

A Fairly Odd Domina

fc_533"The Fairly OddParents"WaitingPinup50%

Vicky And The Backdoor

fc_524"The Fairly OddParents"WaitingStraight50%

Margerine S.

fc_535"The Simpsons"WaitingStraight; Pinup50%

Dirty Minds

fc_521"The Simpsons"WaitingStaight; Loli50%

Is This Thing On!?

fc_519Crystal (OC)WaitingLesbian50%

Bartback Mountain 1

fc_517"The Simpsons"WaitingMini- Comic; Shota50%


fc_523Crystal (OC)WaitingPinup50%

Taking Care Of Business

fc_536"The Fairly OddParents"WaitingOrgy50%

Move It Footballhead!

fc_532"Hey Arnold"WaitingStraight; Loli50%

Take Care Of It

fc_512"The Fairly OddParents"WaitingStraight50%

The Sleepover

fc_513"The Simpsons"WaitingOrgy50%


Doing this comics is a huge effort for the artist and the writer. I have to do the major part: Storyboarding, Cleanup, Coloring etc... Please understand that I just can work on these comics in my free time. So it also can take more time as usual for finishing one single project! Maybe other artists have more time for doing comics. I don't. Or just because they getting payed... *garth_from_waynesworld.jpg*
ComicCodenameStatusChapterChapter Progress
Cover"Harmonica"On hold; Rough sketching Page 1 & 2Chapter 1: Cold Serverd Revenge20%