Welcome to my Gallery-, Blog- or whatever of “erotic” art. Like many other stuff from the deep web this is another cartoon porn website which contains smutty parodies of popular western cartoon characters. Of course here and there sometimes a little bit of OC stuff but hey…
You’ll get over it.
I’m a freelance artist from europe and fascinated to draw parodies of popular cartoon shows. You’ll find here really fun things – but also really disturbing shit around. So read the FAQ first, before trolling or opening threads in imageboards about me and complaining how retarded someone could be. You probably say “Oh noes – not another guy who is only specialized on an specific show”. Well no my friend I also can draw different shows as well. Just browse my shit and you’ll find something.
Any questions? Post comments or contact me 🙂

Patreon vs. Artist

Nowadays it seems that creating cartoon sex parodies is for profit only – The noble intention of “create & sharing” went upstage. How often you’ve been browsing through the gallery of your favorite artist and you just see a lots of patreon logos combined with “Full version on patreon only”.
I get mad everytime when I see something like that. Supporting your artist is fine, but it went way to far since several years. Commissions are fine! You pay your favorite Artist to spend his free time for you and after that you’ll get a custom artwork which get released afterwards for everyone – No paywall no subscription or member crap. I’m not a fan of paying my bills with that kind of work anyway. However the people who just work for the lulz on such pictures are a dying breed even if you could earn lots of money each month. However the big question is how long the creators of those shows will tolerant it in that big scale anyway? I don’t want to find out! Hiding behind a paywall just for profit is ridiculous. People should be able to have the freedom of choice to supporting his favorite artist without get teased for exclusive content.

However Patreon is for help to realize startup projects, running bigger websites or supporting people who really needs the money – not to fill the pockets for one of many unemployed college students who needs surprisingly thousands of dollars each month just to keep on drawing cartoon porn or indulge their ego. I actually never spend one single Euro to draw my stuff. I don’t use pencils made of finegold. You just need your imagination, your talent and some good ideas.

I am not against “Tip Jars” or something like that – I’m against teasing people with artwork just to become a supporter. Just my two cents… Think about it!