So you’ve found my website on the Interweb and now you asking: “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SICK SHIT!?“.

It’s simple…

This is a website about cartoon pornography. Like everything in the lower regions of the Internet there are many sick and disturbing things around and many different subcultures. This Website is part of the subculture “Rule34”. This Rule says: There is porn of it – No exceptions. To better understand my point of view here is a little FAQ for you:


“On your website are many young looking cartoon characters. Are you insane?”

Hell no! I’m not one of those childlover sickos. You have to understand the subculture behind Rule34… Many people likes pornographic parodies or artworks of popular things. Even in World War II they made pornographic caricatures of politicians or other people to disatract the soldirs from fighting. On my website are so much young toon characters because those are supposed to be innocent. They never would do that in the orginal series. This is what makes them worth for drawing an parody of it. Sure you don’t have to understand me but everyone has an different way of humor. Take a Snickers, calm down if you’re not agree and pray to Gawwwwwwd, Pinky Pie or whatever.

“Are you doing this for your own sexual excitement?”

Certainly not! Some Artists doing that but I’m just intrested by the challange to draw cartoon characters in explicit poses. The most cartoon characters are designed for beeing asexual. Especially in cartoons theres no need for capitalized primary sexual characteristics under normal circumstances. To have the ability to placing the characters in explicit poses or sexual related topics is the big challange for an Rule34 artist. In a nutshell: I’m doing it for the lulz.

Aren’t you stimulate/animate sick people with those kind of pictures?

I don’t think so. Because everyone can decide for oneself. If someone having sick toughts by looking at my stuff It’s not my business. It’s the duty of executive forces to sort out such subjects from our society – not mine. If yes, anyone could get arrested just because selling condoms because they “could” get used for sexual harassment.

“Some of your pictures having tiny flaws or errors.”

Of course they have. Because everything is handmade with a little help of computers and peripheries. Above all Rule34 pictures are just for the lulz and not meant to be taken too serious. Some other artists taking it for serious and live out their hobby till perfection. I’m doing this in my free-time, non-commecial and that means it’s not perfect at all. I’m not a professional. I’m not trying to make dumb copies. I try to involve my own personal style in it – Even it looks odd sometimes. However you have to keep in mind that I started with drawing Rule34 in 2007. I’m still learning – Learning never stops.

“Why so much Fairly OddParents porn?”

I started drawing Rule34 with this show and it’s some nostalgic and a challange to draw porn of those absurd looking cartoon characters.

“For me this isn’t art – It’s just shit!”

There are many definitions and perceptions of what is art and what is not art. I think everyone should decide that by itself. If you don’t like what you see, lurk for another artist matching to your taste. We’re all adults – There is no need to flame around like a bunch of kids.

“Isn’t it illegal to make porn of that kind?”

Come on! Those are Cartoon Characters! Some people should get real and use their brains finally! It’s already rediculous that I have to handle this subject here in the FAQ anyway because every rational mind knows that cartoon characters aren’t real or worth it getting abused! Pull off the moral crusader suit and accept that the internet is full of smut like this! It’s not my fault if some countries have such shitty laws.

“How about you? Hows your opinion about that whole stuff you doing here?”

I don’t take this too serious. For me, drawing porn is just a fun way to pass time.

“I like your artworks! Is there a way to commission you somehow?”

Commission info


Why I can’t support you on Patreon or an other crowdfounding platform?

Because everyone doing stuff like that. It became a obsession for certain artists to hide behind a paywall. Sure you can support your artist but for me it’s nothing else than a pay subscription. I don’t want to be determined by some 3rd party company from the U.S. Besides that it’s a huge effort of bureaucracy… Register an business, Doing an plan for the incoming taxes… No thanks! You have no idea how complicated it is in the E.U

“Whats with requests?”

I don’t take requests right now.

“Which software do you use?”

I’m using “Adobe Illustrator CC 2017” for coloring and “Autodesk Sketchbook” for sketching my artworks.

“Who is this blue haired fairygirl in the jumpsuit?”

This is Crystal. She’s a relict of my Deviantart time. I leaved the dA hugbox many years ago because I was tired of all those 15 year old fangirls drawing Danny Phantom or Invader Zim OCs or fanart in general. Of course I also done this whole fan shit as well like writing bawwing journals because nobody likes my art, posting photos of my workspace, collecting Llamas or shit like drawing one of those character sheets for my OCs. Crystal survived this embarrassing time and I use her for study various anatomy styles, coloring styles or other experimental art related things.

To cut the shit: It’s not my waifu or whatever – It’s an dummy character I use for practise my drawing and storytelling skills.

“I followed you on Tumblr – Why your account is gone?”

Unfortantly many communities and goverments equals pornographic pictures of young cartoon characters with child pornography (I know totally outrageous). For me and many other artists – who know the difference between an criminal act and artistic freedom – it’s a shame. I leaved Tumblr by choice to prevent a deletetion of my account and potential legal problems. Like Hentai Foundy, HArtists and many other communities – Tumblr banned all Artists that drawing parodies of young cartoon characters vicariously. Times are hard for artists. But good times for ultra conservative do-gooders.

“Why you always try to copy the awfull style of an specific show? It looks awfull and isn’t art at all!”

Like I said further up – I’m a Rule34 Artist. I’m doing parodies of more or less popular cartoon shows. I’m not doing masterpieces like Rubens or Rembrandt. I’d like to add my own style into my works to find a good mix between orginal style and something different. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t. Thats why feedback is very important for artists. It doesn’t mean to kiss my ass till it’s sore but feedback helps to find out the best way to draw this stuff.

“I was a registered user on your old website. How do I set up a new account?”

You don’t need an Account on this website. All my works are free accessible. I don’t have hidden content anymore.

“You released a bunch of source files & scripts from your comics on your old website… Were I can get them?”

I decited to not release resources like PSD, AI Files, Scripts or Storyboards anymore. Sorry. But if u commission me you will get a copy of the source file for 3$ extra charge.

“How is your position of edit or manipulate your work?”

That’s not a problem for me. Trace, edit or manipulate my artworks if you want. As long you’re credit me I’m okay with it.