Gender Bender 2

Once again Timmy is in real trouble. After he wished he could avoid Vicky by being Timantha again the whole situation is going to get out of control – once again. In Meanwhile Cosmo and Wanda celebrating their Fairy- “Sexaversary” which causing the whole misery. His Fairy GodParents didn’t make it any better within the fairy mating saison. Can Cosmo & Wanda save Timmy/Timantha from even more butt poundings?

Funny “Happysex” comic with all major jailbaits of the show like Vicky, Tootie, Trixie and Veronica. Also available as printed version.


68 Responses to “Gender Bender 2”

  1. Nigel thornberry

    I liked the Penis and perv parody ,
    what are we gonna do today perv ?
    Ouh SISTAH !

  2. Anonymous

    just wondering in regards to my post from a while back is there any word on the comic idea posted just wondering if its something youd be interested in or if i should give up on a aofc phineas and ferb comic only because your art work if deffinately outstanding amongst alot of other artists on wwoec n it would deffinately make my day lolimg ne who its not something your up for i completely understand but if so i cant wait to see the results img thanks


    P.s. hope things went well if youve learned to drive or not yet haha hava good one


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