Gender Bender 3

Timmy is fucking pissed as he returns to Cosmo & Wanda after his terrible and painfull adventure with his Parents and hes avid to serving revenge to all people who browned him..

But hes not alone to accomplish his mission because Timantha herself, A missing wand & The Army of Timmys will help him to reach his goals to get his sweet, sweet revenge. Prepare your anus for a totally crazy and hillarious comic with Timmy, Timantha, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky, Veronica, Trixie, Tootie, Vicky, Timmys Mom & Dad and many others…

Coming anytime…



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  1. 67hawk

    I’m really looking forward to it. Read the PDF file. a tag team of Timmy and Timmantha. WOW!

  2. Earwing

    Anyone know if Fairycosmo is alright, I’ve been following his twitter for a while now and the last time he posted it was about declining health. Since then he seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth. Really hope he’s alright.

  3. Give

    Dude just finished the comic so we don`t have to wait,seriously I have wait two months just get it done

    • FairyCosmo

      Calm down. I just released the cover as a placeholder. I didn’t even started with the comic yet. Drawing and coloring an 65 pages strong Comic is a huge project. I need to have time and motivation to do that. When I starting that project I’ll let you all know – don’t worry about that :p My privat life is much more important than some mediorce sexcomics. The same like with Duke Nukem 3D: It’s done when it’s done.

  4. Anonymous

    hey fairy cosmo, I just want to apologize for all these people being assholes about you not finishing the comic yet, they need to chill the hell out lol.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey I just wanted you to know that I am already quite excited for this.
    You actually are a great artist, go on with your work 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Quick question, why do you make all big FOP comics based on gender bender?
    Have you ever consider a simple Vicky/Timmy femdom comic?
    FOP is predestined for femdom but no one has made a long comic about it.
    You know just a ordinary day in the live of Vicky, a strap-on and Timmy.

    • FairyCosmo

      Erstmal muss er überhaupt auf Englisch erscheinen bevor ich ihn Übersetzen kann. Problem ist Zeit, Motivation und Komplexität. Eine einzige Seite zu Zeichnen, Färben und zu finalisieren ist nen haufen arbeit. Für ein Panel sind ca. 5 Stunden Arbeit fällig. Eine Seite hat meinetwegen 4 – 5 Panels und das aufgezogen auf ca. 50 Seiten das dauert nunmal 3 – 4 Jahre wenn man nebnbei auch noch arbeitet, freunde trifft etc… Ich kann leider noch keinen Starttermin nennen aber ich versuche in 2017 bereits ein paar seiten zu veröffentlichen.
      Frohe Weihnachten und Guten rutsch…

  7. Anonymous

    No se si entendes español pero hermano cuantos años te lleva esto. Deci una fecha y dejo de entrar. Me encanta tu trabajo, pero nunca nada ni un avanze. Te sigo desde wwoec 2011- DALE CRACK

      • Anonymous

        He just wants to know if it’s worth to wait or if you aren’t gonna finish it since it has been coming “soon” for the last 5 years now.
        I personally want to say that your work is awesome and that you surely have your own problems in your real life. I respect that, and noone can be mad at you for not finishing your project, this is not fair at all.
        Though, i want to encourage you to move on because you really are gifted.

        Take care
        – a random dude on the internet

  8. Bob

    Hey, I hope you are having great holidays! I love your artwork, you have some amazing talent xD I was wondering if you could do some Stewie and Brian art from Family Guy, since it fits your style and nobody else is doing it 🙂 I think it would rock and people would love it.

  9. Anonymous

    Lo vas a sacar el comic algun dia ….hace varios años que esta en coming soon. Si no lo vas a hacer avisanos.

  10. ?

    Should make Planet Sheen, Rocket Power,

    or maybe milfs from South Park,

    Teen Titans, the ball is in your court. I’m really into your shit.

  11. Edward Harding

    I’m 71 and hopefully would love to see GB3 before I shuffle off this mortal coil. Please.


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