Regular Artworks

NameInternal NumberShowStatusGenreTotal progress
Gumball Testfc_553The Amazing World Of GumballWaitingPinup50%
Sneezyfc_552The Fairly OddParentsCleanup; On hold...Minicomic45%
The Poolfc_551Family GuySketching...Pinup45%
The Scissor Sistersfc_550Phineas & FerbSketching; On hold...Loli; Lesbian30%
Walkiesfc_547The Fairly OddParentsWaitingFemdom, Loli, Shota50%
The Inch againfc_545The Fairly OddParentsWaitingFemdom; Shota50%
Popsiclefc_543The SimpsonsColorjob by 8hornsStraight; PinupUnknown
We're Into Itfc_541The SimpsonsWaitingLesbian; Loli50%
Taking Care Of Businessfc_536The Fairly OddParentsWaitingOrgy50%
Margerine S.fc_535The SimpsonsWaitingStraight; Pinup50%
I Don't Care...fc_526The SimpsonsWaitingPinup; Loli50%
Anticipationfc_523Crystal (OC)WaitingPinup50%
Is This Thing On!?fc_519Crystal (OC)WaitingLesbian50%
The Sleepoverfc_513The SimpsonsWaitingOrgy50%
Into The Woodsfc_490PB & J OtterColorjob by DXT91Furry; Straight75%

Ongoing Commissions

Currently used commission slots...

Working titleInternal NumberShowStatusGenreTotal progress
A Step Furtherfcc_010"The Simpsons"Coloring...Incest; Loli/Shota65%

Gender Bender 3

Chapter 1: Cold Sweet Revenge

PageSketch StatusCurrent WorkstepPage Progress
Page 3DoneWaiting for Ink...50%
Page 4DoneWaiting for Ink...50%
Page 5DoneWaiting for Ink...50%
Page 6DoneWaiting for Ink...50%
Page 7DoneWaiting for Ink...50%
Page 8DoneWaiting for Ink...50%
Page 9Cleaning up...Preliminary drawing20%
Page 10Cleaning up...Preliminary drawing20%
Page 11Cleaning up...Preliminary drawing20%
Page 12Waiting...Preliminary drawing5%
Page 13Not started yet!-0%
Page 14Not started yet!-0%
Page 15Not started yet!-0%
Page 16Not started yet!-0%
Page 17Not started yet!-0%
Page 18Not started yet!-0%
Page 19Not started yet!-0%
Page 20Not started yet!-0%
Page 21Not started yet!-0%
Page 22Not started yet!-0%
Page 23Not started yet!-0%
Page 24Not started yet!-0%
Page 25Not started yet!-0%